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"Linda Thomas demonstrates a great ability and mastery over the hammer dulcimer. She weaves the melody, chords and embellishments into a tapestry of music. She has the ability to make a fast fiddle tune bounce and the sensitivity to perform slower pieces that sing."

Dana Hamilton

"Linda Thomas is a solid and rhythmic player who really understands the intricate style of group playing. She knows how to make the melody stand out in a group and is equally at home on back-up playing."

Rick Thum

"Linda has the ability to forge a comfort zone including American music and tunes from afar; this is done with an ease which belies the difficulty of mastering such intricate and wide-ranging music."

Walt Michael

"Listening to him play, it is certainly evident that arrangement is something Dan does very well. His arrangements are interesting, exciting, tasteful and well performed."

Dan Miller, Editor, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

"From the first note of 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' to the last lick in 'Clarinet Polka' you can tell that Dan DeLancey is a powerhouse guitar player. His playing is up-lifting and soulful. The song selection is splendid!"

Steve Kaufman on A Few Favorites

"An absolute delight! Linda's hammered dulcimer and Dan's guitar blend together seamlessly on a great selection of contemporary and traditional tunes. Linda is a tasteful dulcimer player and Dan is an excellent guitar player. The combined sound is so very smooth that one tends to forget just how difficult some of these tunes are to play on any instrument."

Dulcimer Player News on Trio

"Every music genre has its own universe, and in the cosmos that loves old-time acoustic folk music, Linda Thomas is a rising star. If you self-prescribe instrumental music to elevate your mood or replenish your spirit, try some of these warm, affirming compositions."

The Kansas City Star on Home

"Songs are mostly traditional and are very well chosen to showcase Dan's warm and personal vocal leads. Linda adds harmonies and they've managed all of this without sacrificing any of the wonderful interplay between dulcimer and guitar that has always been their trademark."

Dulcimer Player News on A Turning Point

"The music offered here reveals Mr. DeLancey to be a talented and imaginative guitarist with a tone and style reminiscent to my ear of the playing of Dan Crary. Like Mr. Crary, Mr. DeLancey has that cleanly elegant, almost classical approach, full of warm, ringing notes and complex patterns that give his solos a solid, structured feel regardless of the tempo."

Bluegrass Unlimited on A Few Favorites

"Perhaps their strongest talent lies in giving life to the music in more ways than simply speeding it up! The Gathering Place is all-American music, Sunday music that you'll look forward to every day of the week."

Acoustic Musician on The Gathering Place

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